Music & Media International, Inc. ("MMI") is proud to represent some of the greatest songwriters and music entrepreneurs in the history of popular music.  MMI's clientele includes;


Mike Chapman, Bob Merrill, Phil Coulter, David Martin,

Marvin Young (Young MC), Rene Moore, Eddie Rabbitt,

LeRoy Marinell, Noel Paul Stookey, The Neighborhood Bullys,

Ricardo Lemvo, Jim Tullio, Larry Weiss, Chuck Fries,

Mathieu Chedid ("M"), Jackie Wilson, Jon Hendricks,

Dinah Washington, Keenan Webb, Harry Dennis, Dan Grodnick,

RonKat Spearman, Elliot Lurie, Augie Johnson, Valet Publishing,

Etiquette Records, Ford Music Services, Kerry Gordy, Michael DesBarres,

Norman Fox, Robert Livingston, Teddy Vann



MMI Services;



Copyright Administration


Custom Royalty Processing

All Media Licensing

Audit Services

Exploitation for All Media, including Film/Television/Merchandise

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