Welcome to Music & Media International's Partners Page. We are proud to collaborate with some of the industry's most influential players to bring you the best in music licensing. Our partners help us expand our music library and offer you an unparalleled selection of classic songs and songwriters.

Broadway Tunes

Focus: Show Tunes

Key Figures: Sheldon Stone, Jerome (Jerry) Kamer Description: We are thrilled to partner with Broadway Tunes, a new joint venture in the world of show tunes. With solid management and a vast catalog of timeless classics and contemporary hits, Broadway Tunes adds a touch of theatrical magic to our collection. In addition to a timeless catalog for licensing, Broadway Tunes provides composers, lyricists, heirs and estates flexible financial solutions for cash needs and estate planning.

Acquired Catalog: Broadway Tunes was the winning bidder in a competitive process to acquire MMI client Bob Merrill’s songwriter and music publishing rights in the songs from the classic 1960s musical Funny Girl.

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Other Tunes

Acquired Catalog: “Kiss Me Deadly” by Lita Ford, “Magic” from Ghostbusters written by Mick Smiley.

Music and Media International has joined forces with Sheldon Stone and Jerry Kamer, the creative minds behind our Other Tunes partnership. Our latest acquisition is of Mick Smiley’s catalog, which includes hits like “Kiss Me Deadly” and the iconic “Magic” from Ghostbusters (1984) Soundtrack. We’re excited to have expanded our library to offer you these iconic tunes. Our partners’ influence in the entertainment and finance industries ensures that our catalog remains fresh and exciting.

Acquired Catalog: “Got My Name Changed Back”, “Hell of a Holiday”, and “Sugar Daddy” by Angaleena Presley. 

Music & Media and Other Tunes are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the select catalog of renowned Nashville songwriter Angaleena Presley. Presley is widely known as a member of the acclaimed trio Pistol Annies, along with Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe. Together, they’ve carved a distinct niche in country music, blending raw authenticity with poignant storytelling. Angaleena Presley, with her unmistakable voice and songwriting prowess, has been an integral part of Pistol Annies’ success. 

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At Music and Media International, we are passionate about delivering the best music licensing experience. Our partners play a significant role in making this possible. Their creativity, love for music, and competitive acquisitions enrich our library, making it the go-to destination for music enthusiasts and content creators.

Whether you are working on a theatrical production, a multimedia project, or any creative endeavor that requires exceptional music, our partnership with Broadway Tunes and Other Tunes Partnership has you covered.

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