BIA’s ‘MILANO’: A Fresh Twist on ‘Mambo Italiano’ is Certified GOLD in Italy

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, artists often find inspiration in the classics to create something new and exciting. BIA, the talented rapper and songwriter, recently released a track titled “MILANO” on Epic Records that pays homage with a sample of the classic “Mambo Italiano” performed by Dean Martin. Written by client Bob Merrill, this classic has been given a fresh twist by BIA, Italian rapstar Sfera Ebbasta and Fivio Foreign produced by BIA’s frequent collaborator AziztheShake. Milan, the fashion and design capital of Italy, serves as the perfect backdrop for the heavy hitting and catchy hooks. The fusion of rap and the classic Dean Martin sample creates a vibrant sonic landscape that mirrors the eclectic and cosmopolitan nature of the city. 

Upon its release in September 2023, “MILANO” is making waves past the US and overseas in Italy and certified GOLD weeks after the track’s debut. The song has not only resonated with local audiences but has also found a strong foothold in Greece, showcasing the universal appeal of the artists’ reinterpretation. 

Stream MILANO: From BIA’s new album (REALLY HER INTL DELUXE)

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