MMI Acquires Angaleena
Presley Of Pistol Annies

MMI, In Partnership With Other Tunes, Acquires Nashville Songwriter Angaleena Presley Of Pistol Annies’ Select Catalog

Music & Media and Other Tunes are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the select catalog of renowned Nashville songwriter Angaleena Presley. Presley is widely known as a member of the acclaimed trio Pistol Annies, along with Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe. Together, they’ve carved a distinct niche in country music, blending raw authenticity with poignant storytelling. Their harmonies, anchored in the rich tapestry of Southern culture, have captivated audiences worldwide.

Angaleena Presley, with her unmistakable voice and songwriting prowess, has been an integral part of Pistol Annies’ success. Beyond her contributions to the trio, she has also forged her path as a solo artist, crafting songs that resonate with profound emotion and honesty.

The recently acquired catalog includes enduring hits like “Got My Name Changed Back”, “Hell of a Holiday”, and “Sugar Daddy”.

With this acquisition, Music & Media International, in partnership with Other Tunes, not only secures a treasure trove of timeless music but also reaffirms their commitment to promoting exceptional talent within the industry. As fans eagerly await what the future holds for Angaleena Presley and her catalog, one thing remains certain—her music will continue to inspire, resonate, and endure for years to come. Please reach out with any of your licensing needs.