Concrete Boys &
Karrahbooo Sample
"My First Love"

Concrete Boys And Karrahbooo Sample Rene & Angela’s “My First Love” In Their New Track “WHERE YO DADDY?”

Artists often find inspiration in the timeless melodies of the past, breathing new life into classics through the art of sampling. This entails a delicate balance, requiring a keen ear to honor the original while infusing it with fresh vitality.

Crediting MMI’s songwriter client Rene Moore, blending old and new is found in the track “WHERE YO DADDY?” by Concrete Boys featuring KARRAHBOOO, which samples Rene & Angela’s beloved classic “My First Love,” a song steeped in nostalgia and revered for its soulful allure.

The track begins with the iconic string section opening of “My First Love.” At the 11-second mark, an understated trap beat drops, accompanied by KARRAHBOOO’s mellow, laid-back vocals. It’s a seamless transition that preserves the smooth vibe of the original while giving the classic song a sonic facelift that places it firmly in the present.

“WHERE YO DADDY?” is featured on “It’s Us Vol. 1,” the new compilation album from Concrete Boys, a five-member collective led by Lil Yachty and including Camo!, Draft Day, KARRAHBOOO, and Dc2trill. The album is a much-awaited debut for the group, and has been met with overwhelming praise from critics and music fans alike.

Concrete Boys And Karrahbooo “WHERE YO DADDY?”: