Marvin Young (Young MC)


Marvin Young, better known by his stage name Young M.C., is a British-born American singer, rapper and actor best known for his 1989 hit “Bust a Move”.

Marvin Young earned a degree in economics from USC, where he met Michael Ross and Matt Dike, co-founders of the fledgling Delicious Vinyl rap label. He made his debut as Young MC on the single “I Let ‘Em Know”. In 1989, Young collaborated with Tone-Loc on “Wild Thing”, the first Top Ten pop hit for a black rapper, and the follow-up smash “Funky Cold Medina”, Young stepped out on his own later in the year with the Top Ten smash “Bust a Move”, a good-natured examination of romantic successes and failures spiced by his sense of humor and quick-tongued rapping. The song won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance, and its strong pop appeal helped the album, “Stone Cold Rhymin’”, go platinum. The follow-up, “Principal’s Office”, also climbed into the Top 40.

Marvin Young also co-write the world wide smash hit “Not That Kind” by the artist Anastasia.  Marvin continues to write, produce and record and has produced dozens of film, television and commercial uses of his work.

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