Music & Media International, Inc., founded in October 1997 by Billy Meshel, former president of Arista Music Publishing and BMG Music Publishing U.S.  MMI, based in Beverly Hills California, with offices also in Orange County California (Irvine), operated by Billy Meshel CEO and John Massa President.




Professional Career


Songwriter/Recording Artist


1959-1961, Staff Songwriter, LEEDS MUSIC CORPORATION, New York

1960, Recording Artist, IMPERIAL RECORDS, New York

1962-1965, Staff Songwriter, SOUTH MOUNTAIN MUSIC/DON COSTA, New York

1965-1967, Staff Songwriter, Creative Director, HUGO & LUIGI/H&L MUSIC, New York

1967-1970, Staff Songwriter, Creative Director, LF MUSIC, New York


Compositions written by Billy Meshel include “Do You Ever Think Of Me” by Little Esther Phillips, “L. David Sloane” by Michelle Lee, “Whole Lot Of Lovin’” by various artists, “Dear Mrs. Appleby” by David Garrick, “50 Tears For Every Kiss” by Cliff Richard, “Aye No Digas” by Chris Montez, “Time To Change” by The Brady Bunch.


Music Publishing Executive


1970-1976, Director of Creative Affairs, FAMOUS MUSIC CORP., New York

1976-1985, Founder, President, ARISTA MUSIC, INC., Los Angeles

1985-1988, President, BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING, Los Angeles

1988-1997, President, Partner, ALL NATIONS MUSIC PUBLISHING, Los Angeles

1997-Present, Owner, CEO, MUSIC & MEDIA INTERNATIONAL, INC., Los Angeles


Billy Meshel has worked with songwriters, artists and publishing catalogs, such as Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer, Bob Merrill, Mike Chapman, Exile, The Statler Bros., Eddie Rabbitt, Randy Travis, Merle Haggard, Larry Gatlin, Lobo, Jim Stafford, The Hollies, The Hues Corporation, Air Supply, Alan Parsons Project, The Sex Pistols, Hoagy Carmichael Publishing, Danny Elfman, The Allman Brothers, G.Q., The Eurythmics, Holland-Dozier-Holland, The Platters catalog, Michael Omartian, The Estate Of Robert Johnson.




1985-1988, Copyright/Licensing Manager, ARISTA MUSIC/BMG MUSIC

1989-1997, Vice President, ALL NATIONS MUSIC PUBLSHING

1997-Present, President, MUSIC & MEDIA INTERNATIONAL, INC.


Responsible for the day-to-day operations of MMI, including licensing, financial, catalog/song acquisitions, administrative matters, including copyright, royalty accounting, financial reporting, contract administration, film/television/commercial license negotiations, software design and royalty receivables and payable.


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